We specialize in arranging study tours, visits, study courses, English courses and travel services for Vietnamese Government and State organizations, corporates, businesses and individuals to come to study in the United Kingdom, using our access to a number of UK educational organisations and tour service providers.

Our services include:

– Study tours: we will connect and arrange visits for you to come into the UK to meet with Government departments, local authority organisations,major UK universities and research centres, industry experts, leading companies, etc. as required by your research, project and objectives.

– English and professional training courses: we work with the UK schools, colleges, universities and educational centres to design and organise the course content and materials that suite your needs, requirements and timing.

​- ​Translation and Interpreters: support you in language matters for your studies and training.

– Accommodation and Transportation: all arranged to suit your requirements and budget during your stay in the UK.

– Tours outside the study time: why not taking a chance to visit the UK with a rich history at every corner while you are being in the country. We have a wide range of short tours for your to choose from which suits your free time and your budget.

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