We specialise in assisting and connecting together businesses in Vietnam and the United Kingdom. We have a wealth of experience and an extensive network of contacts to ensure your success.

When researching new markets, for new business partners, or setting up business ventures, opening representative offices in a strange country, etc. the support of local experts will help you a lot, making your research and set-up more realistic, smoother, easier and more successful. We – the consultant team of Vietnam2uk and its professional collaborators – will be paralleled with you through the process of new venture to help you succeed. Your success is our mission!

Examples of our work are: assisting you to search for and connect with potential business partners and investment projects, to investigate the local market and its related regulations, arranging meetings and visits to companies, manufacturers, distributors, and potential buyers as a part of your search, arranging connection and meetings with related Government departments and local authorities when necessary, etc.

For your establishment of representative office and market presence, whether in Vietnam or the UK, we will assist you in obtaining business licenses and registration, visa and work permit, office renting and opening, local employee recruitment, accounting, taxation, etc.

Please contact us for further information and assistance.