Going to a totally strange country for work or study is a big event in one’s life that might cause many worries: How to find a convenient accommodation? How to travel? What is the lifestyle like over there, etc.? These questions and many more can make the process of preparation for your trip overwhelming and stressful.

   •   We’re here to make your travel easier and stress-free – to act as your personal consultant, advocate, research junkies and plan everything that you need for your trip and success, leaving you to enjoy the many positive and happy aspects of the trip in the country.

   •   We have a wealth of expertise and experience to ensure that your plan works well.

   •   We love what we do. We have endless enthusiasm and passion for our work. That positive, personal touch is what makes us feel less like just a team you hired and more like trusted friends whose opinions you respect.

   •   We pride ourselves on being responsive.

   •   We tailor our services and insights to your needs.